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Team Member Highlight


Todd Dean

Job Title: Route Driver

Years with Star City IBA: 1

Favorite part of the job: Getting to serve our many customers

A little about Todd: Before starting with Star City, he served our country in the United States Marines from 2007-2011 and also helped his family run their small business flower shop.  His hobbies outside work are getting to spend time with his family and enjoying outdoor activities.

Special Offers
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Special Offers

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Sile-Max with L. Buchneri

  • Contains 2 Pediococcus strains to better withstand heating during fermentation

  • Lactobacillus Plantarum

  • Enzymes to improve digestibility of forage

  • Sucrose to stimulate good bacterial growth

  • Contains L. Buchneri for bunk stability at feed out and produces acetic acid

Sile-Max Prime

  • All the same benefits of Sile-Max with L. Buchneri

  • PLUS an additional 3 Bacilli strains

  • Helps with up front fermentation and inhibition of many molds and yeasts

  • Produce bacteriocins inhibiting pathogenic bacteria species like clostridia and salmonella

  • Prevents butyric acid production during fermentation process.

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Crop Cure

  • Crop Cure (Sodium Diacetate is main ingredient)

  • Can be used on ALL ensiled crops, PLUS baled hay

  • Starts reaction that increases production of acetic and lactic acid during fermentation

  • Raises acetic acid levels in baled hay which inhibits growth of mold

  • Effective in WIDE range of moisture conditions

  • Does not require special storage

  • Guaranteed potency

  • Unlimited shelf life


  • Proprietary form of potassium sorbate that stays stable in solution

  • Only product on market with this technology

  • Non-corrosive

  • Environmentally friendly


Innoculant and Preservative Early Order for 2023 Season

10% orders placed before March 15

Featured Product
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Featured Products

Dri-Shield Teat Sealant

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  • Excellent consistency that flows well out of the syringe without sputtering

  • Stable formula that stays in the teat

  • Shorter tip for proper insertion into the teat


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