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About Us

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Your Michigan destination for all things Dairy!

Our Mission Statement

To be Michigan’s dairy industry leader by providing excellent products, equipment, automation, scheduled maintenance,

and service to Michigan dairy farms. Through this, we want to partner with farms to grow relationships and work together 

to ensure their dairies are enjoyable & profitable.

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Our Core Values (the 5 P's)

We strive to cultivate honest and transparent

relationships that recognize individual needs and authentically meet them in their context.

We strive for genuine enthusiasm for one's work and a strong desire to see people do their best with intense effort, confidence, and eagerness.

We strive for excellence in all we do by building confidence in unity with a winning spirit, technical competence, good stewardship, and
respect for others.

We strive to cultivate a culture of innovation that thinks forward, breaks bad habits, eliminates barriers, evolves with the industry.

We strive to sustainably

prioritize time and resources for maximum customer care, efficiency growth, and reinvestment opportunities.

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Our Management Team

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Ryan Vanderwal



Timothy Kimbel

Operations Manager


Zack Wilson

Service Manager


Our History







Star City IBA

is born

First delivery driver hired

Premium Farm Solutions

is born

Hired Timothy Kimbel, now Operations Manager 

Installed 1st Lely milking robots

 Installed Waikato Milking Systems' 1st Centrus rotary in the US

Began installing OnFarm products, including Teatwand

Expansion into East, North, and Middle areas of Michigan

Became Valmetal Manure and Feed Systems dealer

New Horizons, Same Great Companies

Key Milestones


2007: Star City IBA is born

Ryan Vanderwal, son of a Michigan farmer, started selling dairy supplies in partnership with Northern IBA in summer of 2005. He officially launched Star City IBA, Inc. in September 2007.

2007-2010: The Early Years

Randy Willford, owner of Northern IBA, mentored Ryan as he began operations. Ryan ran route deliveries on his own for his first few years leading Star City.

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2011: Premium Farm Solutions is born

Ryan launched Premium Farm Solutions in January 2011. He hired his first two service techs that same year.

2017-2019: Expansion

In 2017, Star City bought out IBA territory in the East and expanded to the thumb.

In 2018, Star City bought out Northern IBA territory, to expand and cover NE Michigan.

In 2019, Star City bought out portion of Mid Michigan IBA to expand into Gratiot, Saginaw & Shiawassee Counties.

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2022: New Horizons

At the beginning of this year, Star City IBA, Inc. employs 10 people that focus on serving dairymen through delivery of dairy supplies. Premium Farm Solutions, Inc employs 14 people that focus on serving dairymen through equipment maintenance & service.

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Work for Us!

We love welcoming new people to join our team! Consider serving Michigan dairies with us! 


Timothy Kimbel

Operations Manager

Ryan 2.jpg

Ryan Vanderwal



Zack Wilson

Service Manager

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